ANNOUNCEMENT:   We are finally getting a chance to let our voices be heard and bring Auburn Vanity license plates to the state of Florida.  Please visit the site below and commit to purchasing a plate when they are available.  We need at least 4,000 signatures to get this to legislation.   Let's make it happen Florida.


Coming Soon to Florida: Auburn Vanity License Plate Legislation *


*Tallahassee, Fla.* – *Rep. James Grant* and *Kevin Cate *today launched a

grassroots campaign to get 4,000 Floridians pledged to purchase an Auburn

University vanity license plate at


*Rep. Grant* will be filing legislation to make this happen during the 2017

Florida Legislative Session.


"More than 15,000 Auburn Alumni are currently living and working in

Florida," said *Rep. James Grant*. "Our space, agricultural, engineering,

veterinarian, and equestrian industries rely on these graduates to keep

Florida the best place in the world to start a business and innovate."



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